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Buying A Restaurant

Why Restaurants are So Hot Right Now

Every year more and more dollars are being spent dining in restaurants and entertaining at bars. In recent years, there has been a real shift in how people allocate their food and entertainment dollars and this holds true in the Phoenix and Scottsdale region as well.

The impressive influx of people and businesses into the Phoenix and Scottsdale area in recent years means that there is a growing demand for dining and entertaining options. Buying a restaurant or bar in the area is a savvy business investment.

Why Choose Our Team?

Our team specializes only in acting as a business broker for restaurants and bars. This intense specialization means that on any given day and any given week, we already know the best restaurant and bar options that are available in the region.

Strategic Business Brokers Group is constantly working with sellers who are seeking buyers, already understand what restaurants and bars are available and what sellers are expecting during the process. Summed up another way, working with SBBG will give you a sizable edge.

The Phoenix and Scottsdale market has an abundance of good restaurant and bar options. Best of all, is the potential for growth. Many of my clients are surprised by just how much potential there is in the restaurant and bar sector right now. As the region’s population continues to swell, it is only natural that there will be an array of lucrative opportunities.

-Bryan Vitgaliano

What You Need to Know About Buying a Restaurant

Owning a restaurant or bar is different than owning almost any other kind of business. Our team works to make sure that we only match the right restaurant or bar with the right buyer.

Restaurants and bars are, by their very nature, service oriented businesses. While there are many service oriented businesses out there, restaurants and bars are special in that they require attention to issues such as health code, liquor licenses, a flexible staff, quickly moving inventory and more. That stated, a successful restaurant or bar can literally become something of a money machine. Part of why Strategic Business Brokers Group focuses on restaurants and bars for sale in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area is due to the great potential that they offer.

Benefits for the Buyer

Working with an experienced business broker that specifically focuses on restaurants and bars, gives buyers something unique and special. Our team already know what restaurants and bars are available in the area and what it will take to complete a successful deal. In the end, we save our clients a significant amount of both money and time.

A great guide can be invaluable. SBBG understands what it takes to make a great deal happen and structure the best deal possible for our clients. From maintaining privacy in the negotiation process to understanding seller motivations, financing and more, we have the proven experience necessary to help you find the perfect restaurant or bar for you. Contact us today to begin your journey of becoming a business owner.